Other Services

In addition to our core areas of dietary intervention studies and food claim validation, Atlantia can offer additional services, through our close ties with our academic partners, in the areas of:

  • Preclinical models of disease/mechanism of action
  • Banks of clinical samples/biopsies
  • Pyrosequencing of gut metagenome of different subjects/groups
  • Genomics and metagenomics of probiotic strains
  • Immune markers and biomarkers
  • Screening for new functional ingredients
  • Formulation and production of investigative test food products
  • GMP manufacturing

While human dietary intervention studies and nutritional trials for food industry represent the core of Atlantia’s engagement with its clients, we believe that clients will quickly recognise the tremendous value in having Atlantia’s experts involved early in the product lifecycle, from concept all the way through to regulatory claims.
For information on other services or for discussion and quotes in the strictest confidence, please contact Barry Skillington, Sales Director, bskillington@atlantiafoodtrials.com or +353 (0)86 818 1543.